Hotel Antigua, Palma de Mallorca

Interior design studio in Mallorca.

TALLER RMA is a decoration and interior design studio located in Mallorca, specialized in interior design for hotels, boats, commercial premises and private homes.

We work hand in hand with our clients so that, according to their needs and desires, we can achieve the perfect environment.

Rossello Maresca Interioristas Palma de Mallorca

Interior design hotels/restaurants

Designing a space is telling a story through different elements.

Light, materials, furniture, sensations, practicality, risk and beauty. Every detail, however small, has weight and importance in telling the final story.

We understand each space as a challenge in which emotion and reason live in a perfect balance. We believe in the interiors in which nothing is born of chance, but after hours of work, ideas and inspiration, magic ends up emerging.

We believe in the possibility of taking aesthetical risks to achieve special effects that make spaces unique.

Interiorismo para hoteles
Interiorismo para viviendas

Residential interior design

We believe in spaces capable of speaking.

Spaces that talk about the people that inhabit them. About their passions and personalities, their character and concerns. In short, their way of understanding beauty and comfort.

That is why we believe in the need to listen and observe carefully, without haste but calmly. With a lot of calm.

We want to know our customers so we can make their desires a reality through design.

Interior design for commercial spaces

Designing the interior of a commercial space is like writing a cover letter. A statement of principles and intentions capable of talking about a brand, the team behind it and the quality standards by which it is governed.

Playing with space, materials, design and colors to convey a certain philosophy.

From TALLER RMA we help you to turn whichever space into your space.

Zapatería El Águila

Interior design for Boats

We have been developing interior projects for ships for many years. Whether they are for yachts, boats or sailboats, all our projects are designed to adapt to the needs of the client and the nautical sector, enhancing the elegance, comfort and style of each boat.